You can add multiple outgoing email addresses to your Gmail account. You will need the external email address and server settings. If adding another Gmail or GSuite account, you won't need server settings.

  1. Click Settings Cog > Settings
  2. Accounts And Import
  3. Under "Send Mail As" click "Add Another Email Address."
  4. Enter Juan's Name and email address  > Next Step
  5. Enter the server's SMTP Server, Username, and Password.
  6. Click "Add Account."
  7. Check the inbox for the verification code click the link in the email.

You can add and filter to place these emails into a new folder or label:
1. Under Settings click "Filters and Blocked Addresses"
2. Click "Create New Filter" at the bottom
3. In the "To:" Field: type the email address
4. Click "Create Filter with the Search"
5. Click "Apply the Label" and choose "New Label." Crete the new label name and click "Create."
6. Click "Create Filter."