1. Login to your website. Most likely yourwebsite.com/login (use your domain name!)
  2. Login using your username and password (let us know if you need one)
  3. Go into the documents page you want to edit/add.
  4. Click green “Add new document”
  5. Add Title of the document
  6. Choose “Add Files” and choose your file to upload. Click blue “Start Upload” button.
  7. Click “Save and Close.”

Add file from DocMan to an article

  1. Edit the article you wish to place the document link.
  2. Place your cursor where you want the link to appear.
  3. Click the button below the editor area called "Document." A window will appear.
  4. Choose the Category from the left column, the specific document form the right column, and then click "Insert Document Link" button. Your link now appears in the editor and you can change the name and move where you like.

Change the listed order of documents:


  1. Login to the Administrator
  2. Click Menus > Main Menu
  3. Click the menu item
  4. Click “Document Options” tab
  5. Change “Sort Documents By”
  6. Click “Save and Close"