This video will show you how to create a Google Map using WidgetKit that you can place onto an article using a shortcode. A Shortcode is text that will be replaced with an interactive object (such as a map) when you view a page on your website. ex.[widgetkit id=7]

Cheat Sheet
Login to your site Administrator.
2. Click Components > WidgetKit
3. Click "Map."
4. Click "Add new."
5. Enter a title for the map and click "Set Location."
6. Search for the address and click "Set Location."
7. Change any settings on the right side (default is good without making changes). Change "Directions" if you want a user to get directions from their address.
8. Click "Save", Click "Cancel."
9. Copy the red shortcode in the row of them map you created and paste it into your article. When saved, the page will show the map you created.