Widget Blocks are used to easily create content areas on all or individual pages on a WordPress Website. These instructions will walk you through adding a Widget Block to a page. For specific help on your site, please contact us, as widget positions will differ based on your custom template.

Sign in to the administrator (http://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin)

1. Create a Widget Block with your content.
a. Click Widget Blocks in the left -hand menu
b. Click “New Widget Block” and create your content. Create a title so you know which quote this is (the title won’t show in the site). Make sure to save.

2. Add the Widget Block to the page(s) you want it to appear on.
a. Click Appearance>Widgets in the left-hand menu.
b. Click and Drag “Widget Blocks Widget” bar into the desired position on the right. For your site, it’s called “Header Quotes.”
c. Use the drop-down to select the Widget Block to show.
d. Uncheck “Show Title”
e. Choose “Show on checked pages” form the drop-down
f. Place a check in the box next to each page you want this Widget Block to appear on and press “Save” button.